Your Trusted Advisor for EMR Technologies, Products and Services

OntarioMD has been very successful in supporting physicians in the selection, implementation and adoption of EMRs. Over 14,000 physicians are enrolled in its programs. OntarioMD has a proven track record of developing and implementing award-winning connectivity to EMRs in its Health Report Manager (HRM) and eNotifications applications and with its partner application, eConsult. These applications enhance the value of certified EMRs. OntarioMD will continue to add sending facilities and report types to HRM (e.g., Ontario Telemedicine Network telehomecare reports) and deploy applications such as eConsult, eReferral, and an EMR Dashboard, in addition to deploying the eHealth Ontario’s Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS), to physician practices. To ensure that the future clinical and usability needs of physicians’ practices are incorporated into EMRs to support the evolving health care environment, OntarioMD also manages the EMR Specifications and the EMR Certification Program.

While OntarioMD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association, it is not funded by the OMA through members’ dues. It receives funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

OntarioMD can introduce you to a suite of EMR resources that give you:

  • A consultation with an OntarioMD Practice Advisor
  • Advice on EMR best practices
  • A customized plan based on your needs to help you achieve your goals for your EMR use
  • Guidance from physician, nurse, and clinic manager Peer Leaders who are experienced EMR users and understand your practice needs and challenges
  • Connectivity to provincial digital health applications to enrich the patient data in your EMR to support your decisions

Please visit www.ontariomd.ca for more information on products and services.